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Publication of Papers
The STEMfest Journal - STEMplanet (ISBN 978-0-9875500-1-9/ ISSN 2203-241X)  has now been published! Volume 1 contains peer reviewed papers relating to presentations which took place during conferences at STEMfest 2013 in Malaysia.

You can view the STEMplanet Journal 2014 Volume 1 for free, which includes papers from STEMfest 2013 conferences, at the STEM States website. Visit 

However, if you would like to subscribe to STEMplanet for just USD$88 per year and gain access to two issues annually and membership of STEM States Inc, please follow this link.

 Please allow up to 24 hours for your receipt and username/ password to be emailed to you. 

The call for papers for STEMfest 2014 Adelaide Australia will launch on the 15th Feburary 2014, check it out HERE and get your papers in for review and publication in STEMplanet issue 3. 

Thank you to all who Attended!

WorldSTE in Kuching Malaysia was the largest event of it's kind to be held in the State of Sarawak and there has been much positive feedback about the quality of presenters and about the legacies the conference will leave for Malaysia.

Malaysia is moving towards becoming a developed nation by 2020, and your involvement in WorldSTE has assisted in helping the nation move forward towards this goal.

Some of the legacies include:

- WorldSTE and the larger science festival (STEMfest) aimed to engage with school children and students with the intention of encouraging more students to continue on in science and mathematics education. Three programs were run to achieve this, the engagement with schools program sent visiting high profile teachers and educators out to local Malaysian schools to run joint classes, a "ride to Learn" bike ride was arranged through the city of Kuching to get students following two science teachers who are riding around the world providing science education whereever they visit, and an astronomy open day was held at the State's planetarium with international speakers engaging with school students about space.

- Field trips were held in conjunction with the International Union of Forest Research Organisations to the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, to the Semongoh Rehabilitation park, and to conduct forestry research.

- Specialist meetings were held on trade and investment in the fields of science

- Delegates attended from over 38 countries.

- 100 local schools and colleges sent representatives to the World Safety conference to learn how to prepare safety plans, and are then required to return to the schools to establish and implement safety programs.

- 100 engineering educators were required to attend the World Hybrid Technologies conference to learn about stand alone renewable energy generation, and with support from Government are then required to return to 100 villages that do not currently have electricity to assist in the establishment of renewable energy generators and to provide education to the locals.

- 100 science educators were required to attend the Transnational Collaboration conference to establish and develop international partnerships with schools around the world to share programs on STEM education

-  Up to 100 science educators were required to attend the 4th World Conference on Science and Technology Education with the intention of learning how to implement scientist to student programs, whereby students undertake real research which is fed through to scientists to assist them as part of actual projects.

- 50 people were supported to attend the International Union of Forest Research Organisations specialist conference to learn about the implementation of forestry science projects.

- An memorandum of understanding was developed between the Yayasan Sarawak and Sarawak Energy to provide training scholarships and apprenticeships to high school students in specific technical fields.

- A Malaysia STEM Education association is being formally established to support teachers, educators and industry with the development of science education. This will include 3 staff working full time in the Malaysian office, reporting to a Malaysian National Secretary. 

Running an event of this size is not easy, however the local Malaysian committee were focused on the legacies of the conferences and this has achieved a great deal. We thank everyone from around the world who participated in making STEMfest 2013 the success it was.

Thank you for all you have done for the people of Sarawak and Malaysia. 

Read Some of Our Letters of Support for WorldSTE!

WorldSTE has strong support from across Malaysia and around the world, hear what some of our many supporters have said;

- South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation
- Deputy Chief Minister & Minister of Industrial Development & Minister of Tourism and Heritage Sarawak
- Sarawak Education Department
- Sarawak Teachers Union
- Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA)
- Council of the City of Kuching South
- Commissioner of the City of Kuching North
- Sarawak Convention Bureau
- Tourism Malaysia
- Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia
- UNIMAS Office of the Vice Chancellor
- International Technology and Engineering Education Association

Click HERE to read the letters. 

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